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What we offer…

Your Orchard Opera performance can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your venue and event.

Opera Scenes

A more structured performance of 6 fully stages opera scenes, running to roughly 1hr 15mins without an interval. This program includes 6 extracts from different operas, from some fantastic tunes which everyone will recognise from advertisements, to the less well known but laugh out loud. We give a spoken introduction to each scene, in which we unpick the music and the language, to alert the audience with things to listen out for, and to provide a way into what may otherwise be unfamiliar music. This event will provide opera newcomers with some insight into the classic tunes and stories, and will also surprise opera buffs with some gloriously fun and unusual repertoire.

If there is any specific repertoire that you would love to hear, we can discuss putting together a tailor made opera scenes event, providing there will be sufficient time for rehearsals and production. Current ideas in the pipeline include; a best of duets concert, best of Mozart, and best of baroque.

Gala Concerts

A pianist and singer(s), performing the best of opera arias will make your event truly memorable. This can vary in length, with anything from 1-4 singers, and can run from 30 mins to 2-3 hours depending on your requirements. If you have specific voice types or repertoire that you’d love to hear, this can all be discussed in advance. Have you always wanted to have a private concert in your garden for a special occasion? Or perhaps you’d like some gorgeous background music for a wedding or corporate event? A gala concert might work for you.


Three members of our creative team are available for workshop events. Founder and singer Poppy, gives an insight into the daily life of an opera singer, with loads of interactive exercises focusing on the breath, performance confidence, and how to comfortably produce your most beautiful and authentic sound. Our Artistic Director Emma focuses on the creative process behind creating an atmospheric and cohesive looking performance, as well as on collaborating across different art forms. Our Director Florence shares her acting and directing experience, with a focus on moving with intent and creating spontaneity in performance.

Please get in touch with us about planning your own unique event. While Covid-19 creates challenges, they are by no means insurmountable, and what better way to lift the spirits than with some uplifting live music.

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